The Future of Good is a collaborative project that is open to anyone who want to contribute to its realization. It started in 2017 and, since then, some exceptional collaborators joined the team.
Do you want to bring your enthusiasm, expertise, and knowledge? 

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CAROLINE BALDASSO - Neuroscientist and Researcher

Caroline has a Master of Science in Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices. She has been holding several Studies focused on human behavior, consciousness, spirituality, better living and wellbeing, brain-mind and body connections. Certified mindfulness and meditation instructor.

VALKIRIA Design Studio - Headband design
Valkiria uses creative intelligence to develop design-driven strategies to create better and more innovative products, brands and experiences.

Project leaders: Moisés Hansen and Matheus Pinto

FELIPE BENITES CABRAL - Entrepreneur | Technologist | Developer

Operations Executive of Data Science Brigade.

He was one of the founders of first Brazilian platforms for crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and crowdlearning and of the Serenata do Amor Operation, an artificial intelligence system for social control of public administration.

BRAINBOOST NEUROFEEDBACK - Directors Tobias und Philipp Heiler

Brainboost is a laboratory that develops the most advanced neurofeedback applications aiming to promote the better mental health of society and to make neurofeedback accessible globally.
With the successful development of soft- and hardware, such as mobile training devices and virtual reality training, the company is continually developing innovative methods to extend the potential of neurofeedback for improving quality of life.

JORGE MELLO - Buddhist Economics

Ordained as a Monk in Zen Buddhism under the name Koho, Aikido and Yoga Instructor. Therapist trained by INFAPA as a Family and Couple Therapist, Relevant informations: "Conflict Facilitation" - Findhorn (Scotland), "Climate Ambassador" - Krögerup Höjskole (Denmark), Simplicity Facilitator - Schumacher College (England). - Tutor at Economic Dimension of Gaia Education - Design for Sustainability Programme.

Julio Monteiro Holochain.jpg

JULIO L R MONTEIRO - Holochain specialist

Julio is a developer and architect of distributed, cryptographic and intelligent solutions. He has a postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences and more than 18 years of experience in open source projects, Machine Learning and Blockchain.
He is also the co-founder of the Holochain Brazil community and founder of the co-living platform (HoloHouse).

LEANDRO LIMA - Specialist in audiovisual | Social Technology Activist
Leandro Lima is one of the founders of the EarthSweetHome social platform and director of Interakt Films. Produces activities in the field of cinema, graphic arts, FX video and animations. Cryptomaned market enthusiast.


MARINA MIRANDA - Crowdfunding Campaigns Producer | Social Technology Activist

Marina is the other founder of the EarthSweetHome social platform, changemaker at Bambuo , a student of abundant and exponential systems and organizations, initiator of disruptive projects that seek to transform the world in the place where we want to live.




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